Our staff, as diverse as the community they serve, are continually educating themselves with tastings and seminars. High Point believes a varied life experience contributes to great service and strongly encourages them to follow their passions. Having fun is also key!

Our store Manager Seleighne has been with the company since 2013! She was a longtime bartender/server before starting at HP, and her passion towards wine and spirits has been steadily increasing ever since. She has completed her Wine and Spirits Education Trust level 2, is a Certified Beer Server through Cicerone and is currently working towards her WSET level 3 advanced certificate.

An avid homebrewer for years, Assistant Manager & Beer Specialist Michael is passionate about all aspects of beer, with a focus on local, independent breweries. He’s currently a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone programme and is working towards being a Certified Cicerone. He has also completed his WSET Level 2.

Trevor is one of High Points trusted assistant managers and has been with the company since 2010! Trevor has completed his Wine and Spirits Education Trust levels 1 & 2, and is working towards his beer server course with Cicerone. If you have any questions about local Pale Ales, he is sure to help you pick out some treasures!