Canada turns 150.


What does it mean to be Canadian? Maybe it’s simply not to be American. Personally, I never really think about it and take a lot of things for granted, but as I write this I am reflecting on all the great things about this wonderful country. Unlike “the dream” that was heavily marketed by our southern neighbours Canada seems to have a leg up. We are truly free here. Yeah, we may all have to go to jobs we don’t love, but nobody is bombing us, women are free to dress how they want without persecution, sexual preference isn’t an issue and at the end of the day we can crack a cold one with the boys, sit back and relax. Take a look at that craft bevy you’re drinking and think about it.

British Columbia alone has 131 active breweries, 35 craft distilleries and 272 licensed grape wine wineries. That’s something to be proud of!

Whether you are a beer, cider, wine or hard-bar person, I have you covered with this short list of wonderful products.


Beer: Coal Harbour Pink Guava Gose. Salty, tart and crisp. Perfect for a hot day!

Cider: West Coast Cider Co. Sunset Cider. Big tropical nose with a nice crisp dry fruity finish.

Wine: Bailie Grohman Rose. It’s the best Rose BC has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

Hard-Bar: It’s vodka and gin season. Pick up some Sid’s vodka or Tempo gin from G&W Distilling. Locally made, won’t break the bank and are always crowd pleasers. Be sure to check out their Bitterhouse line of aperitifs to aid you in your cocktail making as well. If you aren’t into making cocktails they even have some delicious pre-made drinks that come in two flavours, Hard Ruby Mandarin and Root Beer.