With as many barrel aged beers as there are on the market, it is a lovely experience to be able to try a beer in its purest form and also what characteristics barrel aging imparts on the beer. Here we have Powell Brewery’s Ode to Citra, and the version that they aged in gin barrels from Odd Society.

Ode to Citra is lovely, straightforward​ pale ale showcasing Citra hops. A nice, caramelly, biscuity malt backbone helps balance out this beer.

After being aged in Wallflower barrels, the beer picks up all of the gin’s botanicals. None of the liquor characteristics come forth, but the botanicals really add a nice depth to the beer. Similar to dry hopping a beer, you get a lot of aromatics up front. The initial flavour profile remains largely unchanged, but it finishes again, with those lovely ginny botanicals.

All in all, Ode to Wallflower is a fantastic, complex beer that is immensely enjoyable. As well, it is also a great experience to see the benefits of barrel aging beer.