…Welcome to East Van

More specific, welcome to Odd Society’s East Van Vodka. I already know what you’re thinking, “Vodka! Who cares?” Well, sir, madam, I do. Odd Society has done a great job if not the best job captivating a true Euro style.

Let’s start at the label. EAST VAN VODKA is proudly displayed and in true East Van fashion there is a radical looking steam-punk owl smoking a pipe designed by a local tattoo artist. Talk about keeping it local!

Now, let’s get to the liquid. BC malted barley, medium body, with a hint of sweetness.

It may be hard to believe but this is actually a great sipping vodka. My mom said so and I don’t argue with my mother, instead, I just completely ignore her and do what I want. You can too!









Now, let’s travel across the second narrows into North Van. Hopefully, nobody is threatening to jump off so there are no delays. Alright, traffic is good. Welcome to Sons of Vancouver. Despite having a motorcycle on their Chilli Vodka bottle they are not some TV biker gang rip off. These guys are actually doing cool original things like Amaretto. No. 82 Amaretto is made with five simple ingredients. FIVE! Apricot kernels, bourbon vanilla beans and orange peel then sweetened with Demerara and BC blackberry honey. Incredibly balanced and delicious! I should mention that the guys who operate and own the distillery are some swell people who truly care and take their craft seriously.