Beer is for lovers !!

Whether as an aperitif to warm things up, the complement to a romantic meal or a lubricatory nightcap – beer offers a variety of taste profiles to suit any Valentine’s Day plans. Here’s a taste…

Brooklyn’s “Dark Chocolate Stout” is cellarable but also ready to be opened right now! At 10% ABV, this dark and yummy brew will definitely loosen things up. It would be great with a cheese fondue, with any chocolate desserts or as dessert itself.

Nothing says Valentine’s like flowers – the addition of jasmine brings a note of floral complexity to Steamworks’ “Jasmine IPA”. Perfect with a spicy curry or any other spicy activity you might dream up!

Barkerville’s “Promise to Sophia” pays homage to John “Cariboo” Cameron’s vow to bury his wife back East after she died of typhoid during the Gold Rush. He underwent several trips, burials and exhumations to fulfill his promise. No ordeal for you – enjoy this milk stout flavoured with anise and vanilla.

From France, “Bellerose” is a “biere de garde” that tilts more to a mild IPA or saison than other maltier versions of the style. This is the perfect palate cleanser for a selection of cheeses, particularly the stinky ones!

Organic barley and wheat beer is blended with organic fruit juice to create Samuel Smith’s “Raspberry Fruit Ale” – you can love Mother Nature while you’re loving this rich, 5.1% ABV adult beverage. Open a box of chocolates with a friend and wash ‘em all down with a bottle or two.

Candy’s dandy but liquor’s quicker…Boulevard’s “Long Strange Tripel” clocks in at 9.2% ABV but goes down dangerously easy. If you need a little Dutch courage (via Kansas City) this’ll do the trick!