Here we have an international collaboration from Yellow Dog in Port Moody and Breakside, one of the dominant breweries out of Portland. Nice to see local brewery getting respect from one of the best guys in the game.

Brett IPAs are somewhat niche in the IPA market, but are gaining traction. There are a few wild IPAs kicking around, and more than likely the wild bacteria used will be Brett in origin. If you’ve tried one, this is a similar experience/taste/something.

All Brett on the nose. Very subtle hop aromatics, you mostly get what is associated with farmhouse ales. That rad, wild funk.

This is a sipping beer for sure. Really great mouthfeel, thickness reminiscent of an oatmeal stout. Lots of the great Brett funk, with a nice amount of hoppy bitterness rounding it off, and they mingle together in a great lingering aftertaste.

I was excited to try this beer and it really didn’t disappoint. I was glad they got together to do a style a bit more off the beaten track.  A true testament as to why Cascadia is king of beers.


Brewer’s Row Collaboration

Another local collaboration, also involving Yellow Dog is the Brewer’s Row collab from Port Moody. Along with Parkside, Moody Ales and Twin Sails, they produced a super hazy pale ale with passionfruit and guava for VCBW. (With partial proceeds going to the BCSPCA!)

Pouring it is like pouring a glass of OJ. Opaque with a thin lazy head and brilliant orange colour.

The fruit is super prominent on the nose, along with new world hops.

Oh man. Nice level of carbonation, surprisingly dry and fruity at the same time. It’s a strange beer. Not in any bad way, but definitely strange. It’s very niche, but at the same time I feel it’s accessible. Those who don’t like fruit beers may be surprised, and those who don’t really like beer at all could even get down with this one. Complex, yet easy drinking, I put away 4 cans no problem.

Some of the cleanest and most experimental beers are coming out of Brewers Row in Port Moody and I think this is a damn fine testament to that. Grab some while you can.