With a brewery known for it’s great collaborations, both with other breweries as well as local artists and bands, it’s nice to have two fantastic collaborations with a couple of other rad breweries

First up; Axes of Evil. Gigantic and 3Floyds Collaboration. Feels like a great American take on an English pale ale. Amazing English biscuity, caramel malt upfront.. Rather than the typical British earthy/floral hops, you get a load of really tropical and citrus hops. With a light body, and clean finish, it’s a really nice straightforward pale ale and I’m happy they brought this back out from a collaboration a while ago.

Ecliptic Brewing and Gigantic’s Star Destroyer is up next. This is not your average dark lager. Heavy, thick and lots of roasted malt dominate this beer. Drinking like a badass Baltic porter. While it has all those dominating flavours up front, having lagered the beer, less esters being produced during fermentation gives it a really crisp, clean finish. A lingering roasted chocolate malt reminds you of the delightful beer you just quaffed.