This is the most recent stuff we, the High Point staff, have bought (mostly), tasted (definitely) and recommend (wholeheartedly) to our customers:


Mayan Coffee Liqueur

Picked By Seleighne

Because: $20.25!!! A fraction of the price of Kahlua, and I think that it’s better!
Smells Like: coffee
Tastes Like: coffee!!! (not licorice-y like Kahlua)
Best Enjoyed: C-O… B-E… I said Coffee! Beer it is! Coffee, Ice cream, or if you’re feeling adventurous pour an ounce into a stout or porter!


Indingenous Wines

White Blend

Picked By Seleighne

Because: a delish BC blend, under $20.00
Smells Like: summer flowers
Tastes Like: stone fruit – apricot and peach
Best Enjoyed: with seafood, cheese and cracker or on it’s own


Steel & Oak

Simple Things Pilsner

Picked By Michael

Because: there’s always a place for a ncie clean pilsner
Smells Like: grassy, noble hop aroma and biscutty malt
Tastes Like: classic German Pils, nice amount of bitterness but finishes clean and refreshing
Best Enjoyed: staring wistfully at your yard imagining BBQs


Coal Harbour

Market Saturation IPA

Picked By Michael

Because: not just a clever name; great example of the super trendy NEIPA
Smells Like: citrus and tropical fruit with a touch of sweetness
Tastes Like: juicy hop bomb full of melon and pineapple with jusrt the right amount of bitterness
Best Enjoyed: try it with some chowdah or at your favourite bahr, there kid


Indingenous Wines


Picked By Alana

Because: it’s highly awarded & one of the lesser known grape varietals!
Smells Like: citrus and spice
Tastes Like: dry, crisp fruit
Best Enjoyed: as an apertif, also great with poultry or cheese



Bourbon Barrel Cider

Picked By Alana

Because: actually aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels opposed to just adding bourbon like most other ciders
Smells Like: caramel apples
Tastes Like: the aging process produces a mour subtle bourbon flavour, delicious but not too boozy
Best Enjoyed: in a glass by the firet


Coal Harbour

Sunrise Cranberry Gose

Picked By Trevor

Because: it’s very refreshing
Smells Like: cranberry, gingerale with some sourness
Tastes Like: cranberry, orange and salt
Best Enjoyed: in a glass


Double Trouble Brewing

Hops and Robbers Raspberry

Picked By Trevor

Because: it’s so tasty
Smells Like: grapefruit and pineapple
Tastes Like: grapefruit juice with citrusy notes
Best Enjoyed: with anything and everything


Jolly Pumpkin

La Roja

Picked By Gord

Because: sour beer is a trend still worth indulging
Smells Like: Belgian yeast with some bubblegum and clove notes
Tastes Like: funky and tart, true to the Flanders style with hints of berry and wood
Best Enjoyed: with salted chocolate!


Back Country Brewing

Widowmaker IPA

Picked By Arielle

Because: it’s a quality East Coast style IPA from a Squamish microbrewery
Smells Like: a blast from a tropical, hopical citrusy explosion
Tastes Like: a smooth ride down the mountain, not too bitter, the intensity of citry + mosaic hops collide and create satisfaction all the way to the last sip
Best Enjoyed: chilled and chillin’


Domaine de Pellehaut


Picked By Shannon

Because: great value, grower produced wine – round, fruit and intense yet dry
Smells Like: cherry, starwberry and floral
Tastes Like: creamy strawberry and melong with fresh acidity
Best Enjoyed: with poultry, pork or game


See Ya Later Ranch


Picked By Eug

Because: it’s a very unique BC white
Smells Like: citrus and rose petal
Tastes Like: citrusy with a hint of spice. Not too sweet
Best Enjoyed: with spicy foods. Curry Shrimp!


Field House Brewing

Dark Sour

Picked By Eug

Because: it’s a 10% beer without the harshness of a 10% beer
Smells Like: well, blueberries and raspberries…
Tastes Like: juicy sour blueberries and blackberries
Best Enjoyed: ice cold, anytime!


Mt Begbie

Nasty Habit IPA

Picked By Gerry

Because: generously balanced
Smells Like: hops, wafer, hints of citrus
Tastes Like: hops, slight hint of citrus and malt
Best Enjoyed: spicy food, curries or on its own




Picked By Mike

Because: the hypetrain around Ciroc is too great to pass up. DJ Khaled says so.
Smells Like: apples, granny smith. The good stuff
Tastes Like: ripe green apple with hints of vanilla ad citrus
Best Enjoyed: mixed with cranberry juice, or anything that makes your mouth pucker